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Nigerian youths are not lazy!

The Federal Republic of Nigeria is one of the most hardworking Nations on Earth and so are its youth. There's literally no place they go they don't survive.

... Those are not just mare words of mouth, a number of events have proven it. When we find ourself placed toe to toe with folks outside the shores of our nation. We can't help but find ourselves being outstanding.

NaijTv takes to the street of Abeokuta, Ogun State to ask Nigerians their views on the President's words of them being lazy.

... A lot of youths didn't take it easy.

Majority of elderly people and youths are very much not in consonance with the president with his statement. They believe while some are lazy a large majority are very hardworking and innovative.

Here are some of the replies by Nigerians. Watch Video
"Some Nigeria youths are hardworking Innovative and serious. If the president says the youth are lazy, then its from his perspective"

Its a disrespect to your youths. The youth who voted for you after you made some promises. Yets it's been three years since he came into power. But ... These are the youths you'll still need to count on. Even if they are lazy, the statement would have been restricted and will not cause any harm. We've got things happening in the Music industry, Nollywood.

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